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Now Is The Time To Improve Your Coaching!

02/25/2014, 10:30am CST
By Kim Mikus Croke

On-line Learning Is Here


"Players are made in the off season..." and so are coaches!


With fall ball finished and the weather turning cold, this is a great time to build your coaching skills. LZBSA has partnered with The American Sport Education Program (ASEP) to bring on-line education to the parent coaches of our community.


Volunteer programs like ours are strong when its leaders are prepared and educated. These courses are designed to give you the tools you need to be the leaders our kids need. Earn your certificate and LZBSA will help offset course fees.


Here's what ASEP Certified LZBSA coaches have to say:


"The chapter on softball skills and all the games was most helpful. I printed out a set of the games sheets and created a binder. After each game I selected one priority to work on and a game sheet to help focus on that priority.



I like that it makes you think about what kind of coach you want to be and what priorities you want to share with the kids." - Jennifer Goldberg


"There is a lot of good information that can be used by coaches of all experience levels. I was surprised about how much detail and information there was. I really liked how it approached coaching from all aspects, not just technical aspects of the game." - Dong Chung

"It is well worth the time for all coaches. Even for experience people, it gives you a look at another way of coaching and ideas. I would recommend the course to other coaches." - Clancy Siko

The Coaching Youth Baseball/Softball online courses provides baseline knowledge in general coaching principles, sport first aid, and baseball/softball-specific techniques and tactics, the course provides common ground for all coaches in our organization, so that we’re working in concert to achieve shared goals and objectives, whether it is developing our organization’s coaching philosophy or running practices.

In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Meet your coaching responsibilities, including examining your priorities as a coach
  • Communicate effectively with players, parents, and officials;
  • Provide for safety and respond to injuries;
  • Develop a training program for players to promote lifelong fitness;
  • Understand the basic rules of the baseball;
  • Create plans for your season and for individual practices;
  • Prepare for and coach on game day;
  • Teach and shape tactics and skills;
  • Teach three specific offensive tactics and six specific defensive tactics; and
  • Teach three offensive skills and six defensive skills.


Go to this web link below to take the course. You will see a Sign in button at the top right of the screen.  Please sign in to create an account first, and then you will be able to complete the purchase of the course.

LZBSA members will be reimburse up to $15 following the successful completion of the Coaching Youth Baseball/Softball course (A Certificate of Course Completion will need to be submitted to John Tauras)


Good luck Coach! 


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact John Tauras at



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