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House Tyro Softball League

EG Hessenthaler

EG Hessenthaler

Tyro President

Tyro League Important Dates:

Registration January-March
Player's Team Notification March
Practice Begins April
Season Starts May
Season Ends June

Uniforms including Hat and Jersey are provided, Pants, Cleats (no metal) Glove, Bat, not provided.

The Tyro Softball League is designed for 1st and 2nd grade girls who have an interest in playing and learning softball and want to have fun with friends. While we work to build a foundation of fundamental skills, our true goal is to instill a love for the game.  

  • Tyro is a “coach pitch” league where each team selects an adult to pitch underhand to their own team with the opposing team playing the field.
  • Girls are encouraged to play several different positions and a continuous batting order is used.
  • Official scores and standings are not kept. There is no playoff or Championship game at the season’s end.
  • 2nd graders are invited to play in an All-Star Game toward the end of the season.
  • For girls interested in extending the softball season and playing in a bit more competitive environment, LZBSA will look to field a post-season tournament team based on interest and skill level. The team will play in 2 – 3 weekend tournaments in July.  Interested girls will try-out for this team.
  • No experience is necessary or expected of Tyro players. All are welcome.

‚ÄčOur teams at this level play in a combined league with teams from Barrington and Cary Youth Softball, playing a 15-18 game regular season schedule. There is also an all-star game for 2nd grade girls at this level.   During the month of April, you will have 2-3 practices per week, practices will be held during the week and on the weekends.  May and June will be when games are played with the same format, 2-3 games per week.  We do not make up any rainouts.