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Major League (5th & 6th Grades)

John Eberle

John Eberle

Majors President

Majors League Important Dates:

Registration January-March
Evaluations February
Player's Team Notifications March
Practice Begins April
Season Start May
Season End June


Uniforms including Hat and Jersey are provided, Pants, Cleats (no metal) Glove, Bat (2 5/8 barrel), not provided.

The Major League is competitive league and is designed for the players to have fun while learning more about how the game.  The league builds upon the basic fielding and hitting skills, while introducing essentially all of the more complex baseball rules (ie leading, dropped 3rd strike, ball is always live etc).  The goal of the league is to teach the players teamwork, the responsibilities of being a team member, respect and sportsmanship as well as to develop their baseball skills, all in a positive environment. Good sportsmanship and skills development are emphasized over winning.

In April we start with practice which are usually (1) weekday evening and (1) Saturday.  The season starts in May and consists of approximately 12 games (twice per week, 1 weekday and 1 Saturday).  While we do not keep standings during the season, we do hold a playoff which usually last (2) weeks starting in mid June.  We normally play interleague games with LYAA (based in Wacounda IL).  This enables us to play in different venues

Each player in the league must be evaluated. Evaluations are usually held in February. The teams are formed through a player draft based, in part on evaluation data. Requests to pair players are not accepted; this is done in an attempt to create a competitive balance across the league.

Players in this league also qualify to tryout for our Grizzlies Part-Time Travel Program, which plays a more competitive schedule of home games and 2-3 area tournaments (See Part-Time Travel Grizzlies Page).