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It's Time for Baseball and Softball!

We are looking to increase our crew! 

If you are interested in umpiring, complete the registration link by going to:

Umpire Registration


2021 Training

Umpire Training will be consist of an introductory meeting via Zoom, followed up with on-field training.  Dates will be forthcoming.  Games will begin 1st week in May 2021

Similar to our 2020 season,  we will be implementing social distancing measures for everyone's safety.  Umpires will be calling games from behind the pitcher's mound rather than from behind the plate to maintain physical distance.

Any additional questions, please send an email to Philip Coughlin,

Umpire candidates must be at least 14 years old at the start of the season.

Those who are 15 years old or younger are required to obtain a WORK PERMIT from school.  No umpires will be scheduled until a work permit is on file.

Please start the process by getting the required information from your school.  Take the work permit application and letter located on the right hand side of this page to your school to obtain a work permit. 

Please note, if you have worked for LZBSA previously, you do NOT have submit the W4 Form again.

Mail the work permit and W4 form to:

Attn: Umpire Info
P.O. BOX 411
Lake Zurich IL 60047

Any questions can be sent to

Philip Coughlin

Philip Coughlin

Acting Umpire in Chief

Signing Up For Games

Umpires will sign up for games using ArbiterSports or similar game scheduling software.

Instructions will be provided during Spring training sessions.

1. Email will be sent to each umpire with access instructions.

2. Self-assigning access will be provided as indicated in email instructions.

LZBSA Umpire Field Time Card

Use this form to check in to your assigned field prior to game start. Each submission is date/time stamped for validation. All field inputs are required.