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Lake Zurich Softball House League

At Lake Zurich Softball Association we divide in-house girls' softball into five different age groups, starting at age 7 and continuing through age 18.  The Leagues are called Tyro (1st and 2nd grade), Junior (3rd and 4th grade), Intermediate (5th and 6th grade), Filly (7th - Sophomore) and Senior (Junior & Senior).

We utilize an school grades for all leagues.  For Tyro, Juniors and Intermediates, the regular season starts on the last Friday in April and concludes the 3rd week of June, with playoffs typically finishing by the 1st of July, and post-season all-star teams playing in July.  The Fillies start one week later but finish near the same time.  The Senior league starts in early June and finishes in late July, since they often have some girls that play High School softball.

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2021 Spring Softball Commissioners

Questions? You can email your Leagues Commissioner for more information.

Joe Fiorita

Joe Fiorita

Softball Commissioner

Scott  Theriault

Scott Theriault

Rookie President

EG Hessenthaler

EG Hessenthaler

Tyro President

Ari  Barnett

Ari Barnett

Junior League President

Doug Homuth

Doug Homuth

Intermediate & Filly League President