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Seven Tips to Boost Your Mental Toughness

by Marc Dagenais

Tip #1 Overcome fear of failure.


Fear of failure might be what is holding you back. Dare to be great by taking risks. Nobody has ever achieved greatness without facing hardship first.


Failing is a good thing if you learn from it. Instead of seeing problems or obstacles, see challenges to overcome. The most successful people on the planet are risk-takers.

You will never achieve anything by risking nothing.


Tip #2 - Make no excuses and take full responsibility for all your failures and all your successes.


The world's most successful people never make excuses and they hold themselves accountable. Achieving success and making excuses are mutually exclusive, wholly incompatible.


Tip #3 - Accept the fact that you will fail, make a lot of mistakes and learn from them.


Failing is a big part of the game. If you succeed only 30% of the time at the plate, it's excellent. That means that you will be failing more often than you succeed. Failing is part of life and sport in general. You actually learn more by failing than by succeeding.


The key point is to look at mistakes and failures as learning opportunities.

Ask yourself: "What didn't go well and how can I do things differently next time to be successful?"


Tip #4 - Be here, now.


Play one pitch at a time, confident and focused on each pitch as it is played with disregard for past or future pitches. Ignore the emotional baggage of scores, innings, and pitch counts; just focus on the next pitch. Playing a full game in the present is the ultimate goal and the best way to ensure that you perform at your best.


Tip #5 - Focus on the solution more than the problem.


Problems and obstacles are inevitable. They are just part of life.

Things never go smoothly and there are always things that come up. True champions recognize problems and map out the solutions immediately.

Tip #6 - Focus on the controllable.

Realize that you can't control what happens around you, but you can control your response to it.

You must be in control of yourself before you can control your performance. Don't waste your time on things that you have no control over, focus on the things that you can change or control.

 Tip #7 - Develop routines to help you get in the zone.


The use of routine is one of the most widespread practices among elite ball players. They perform routines before games, between innings and between pitches at the plate and on the field. A routine integrates both the mental and the physical aspects.


It is a specific way of doing things to stay focus, block distraction and put you in the ideal mindset. Routines are powerful and you should definitely use them.