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Major League

Players at the Major League level are in 5th and 6th grade.  The goal is to build upon what was learned in the Minor League in a competitive and learning environment. Play moves to a bigger field (50' mounds, 70' bases). Here players are introduced to some of the finer points of baseball (i.e., dropped third strikes, delayed stealing, leadoffs, pickoffs, etc.). 

Good sportsmanship and skills development are emphasized over winning.
Teams play a 12-14 game regular season schedule starting in early May.

The teams are formed through a player draft and requests to pair players are not accepted; this is done in an attempt to create a competitive balance across the league.  The regular season is followed by a playoff in June that determines a league champion.  Teams from nearby communities maybe included in the league.

All players are eligible to try out for a post season tournament team that plays in the month of July.