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Tyro League

The Tyro League is a non competitive league comprised of 1st and 2nd grade players (boys & girls) who have an interest in playing baseball.  The Tyro League is designed to teach all players the elements of baseball and covers such topics as field positions, proper batting , base running, fielding and sportsmanship.   

The Tyro League is a "coach pitch" league wherein each team selects an adult to pitch overhand to their own team when the opposing team is playing the field.  The Tyro League also uses a "safety ball" to minimize the chance of injury.

Players are placed on a team by the league administrators and will make every effort to group players by: school, neighborhood, or friend requests.  Friend requests are limited to (1) friend request per player and it should be a mutual request. Requests to pair two players is not guaranteed.  The number of teams in the league will vary based on the number of players that register each year, but typically we field between 10 and 12 teams.
The baseball season begins with practices in early April and then regular season is comprised of up to 14 games from late April through June.  There are 2 games per week, one during the week in the evening and the other game on Saturday.  We end the season with a final game "under the lights" at Lions Park.
The league also includes postseason team(s), which plays in area tournaments during the month of July.  Selection for these teams is usually takes place in mid May.  To participate, we rely on the families to be available for (3) post season tournaments (late June & July) and parent volunteerism when we host the Lake Zurich Bear Claw Tournament.
Tyro Baseball Timeline
Late March  Teams formed, schedules available
Early April Managers notify players; practices begin
May and June Regular season: 1 week night and 1 Saturday game per week

Post-season tournaments (usually first three weekends)

Post-season teams chosen through tryouts