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Pledge Page Info

Pledge Page Info


Dear Parents,
We are excited to streamline the donation and donor outreach process for our fundraiser by using 99Pledges. You and your participant will now be able to reach out to friends and family electronically by email, Facebook, and Twitter, instead of going door-to-door, tracking commitments, and handling checks. Additionally, donors can make a contribution to support your participant with a simple and secure online transaction.

  • Players are only identified by first name / last initial
  • Pages are not indexed by search engines
  • Instead of using a player pledge page, you can direct donors to the main Hit-A-Thon pledge page and they can find a player by using the page search function
  • will not market to the parents in ANY way. They simply send them an email with a link to their participant’s page and a notification whenever anyone makes a donation to their page.
  • NEVER shares email addresses (or any system data) with any third party.

Using the online pledge page is optional; just don't send out the link. Players can obtain pledges using the paper pledge here.

If you do not want your child to have a pledge page created, please let us know by March 20th.