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Our mission is to provide information and advice that can help coaches develop better baseball players and have a more positive impact on young men through baseball.

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Episode 3 - Offseason Hitting and Team Mission Statement
Thursday, November 30, 2006
The show email address is
Thanks to Steve Hacker for the a great interview of the priorities for an offseason hitting program.  
I forgot to mention during the podcast that Steve led the NCAA in home runs in 1996 with Missouri State.  Steve hit 37 home runs, the fifth most in college baseball history.
Steve currently does hitting instruction at Balls-n-Strikes in Ballwin, MO.
The website for the Season of Life can be found by clicking here.
The gameplan for the podcast can be found by clicking here.
Episode 2 - Speed & Strength Training and First Parent Meeting
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
We covered three key topics in this episode:
1.  Definition of “select” baseball
2.  Strength and strength training for select baseball players
3.  Planning for the first parent meeting
I defined what is meant by “select” baseball.  As a rule of thumb, select teams play 50-60+ games and practice 50-60+ times per year.  That’s 100-150 team events per season.  This is the level of activity describes “select” baseball.  
Thanks to Meade Smith for his insights into baseball training for 12-16 year old athletes.  The link to Velocity Sports is
The key elements of an offseason speed and strength training program for 12-16 year old baseball players include:
Core strength training.  The core is from the upper legs through the hips and abdomen.
Shoulder, arm, forearm strengthening.
First step explosiveness.
Quickness and agility.
Here is a rough agenda for the first parent meeting:
Introduction of new players and parents
Discussion of team mission
Review elements of offseason, preseason and practice plans
Review overall game schedule and tournament schedule
Review communication plan
Discuss team budget and fundraising
Here is a link to our team mission statement.
There is no real good nationwide directory for tournaments.  If anyone know of a good listing, please let me know or add a comment to this episode.
Information on the Omaha CWS tournaments that fill up fast can be found here.
A site that hosts team website is at  This service is easy to administer.  Other similar services can be found by just searching for “sports team websites” on Google.
The link to Webball is
The link to Headfirst is at  Follow the links on the website to order the dvd’s.
Episode 1 - Offseason Training and Communication Plan
Wednesday, November 1, 2006
We covered three key topics in this episode:
1.  Background on the Coaches’ Corner podcast
2.  Planning your offseason baseball program
3.  Developing a communication plan for your team