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Twenty-one often-misunderstood rules

Twenty-one often-misunderstood rules along with their Little League Rule numbers:

  • Balk 8.05
  • Quick return pitch 2.00, 8.02(a)
  • Obstruction 2.00, 7.06(a) & (b)
  • Infield fly rule 2.00, 6.05(e)
  • Timeout 2.00, 5.10(h)
  • Stealing second on a walk 2.00
  • Ball touches an umpire or base coach 5.08
  • Runner hit by batted ball 5.09(f)
  • Batter turning left after overrunning first base 7.08(c) exception
  • Overthrow 7.05
  • Not sliding at a base 7.08(a)(3)
  • Run scoring during third-out play 4.09(a)
  • Batter hit by bounced pitch 6.08(b)
  • Spectator interference (typically a base coach, umpire, passerby, or on-deck batter trying to be helpful) 2.00, 3.16
  • Caught foul tip is live ball on all three strikes 2.00
  • Only one adult base "Coacher" at a time 2.00
  • Batter out if infielder deliberately drops ball when runner on first 6.05(1)
  • Runner who passes another is out 7.08(h)
  • Batter hit by pitch does not go to first if he swung at pitch or it was in strike zone 2.00