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Baseball Video Drills

I want to be remembered as a ballplayer who gave all that he had to give. Roberto Clemente

FHS Baseball Video Drills


28 instructional video tips and drills for coaches and players featuring Mike Winters and the Farmington High School coaching staff.

Video Clips #1 - 11: Hitting
Video Clips #12-16: Pitching
Video Clips #17-21: Fielding
Video Clips #22-24: Outfield
Video Clips #25-28: Catching 

You can watch each clip in the video player below. 

First, click once in the main window.

Once the first video clip has loaded, you can mouse over the thumbnails and their titles that will appear at the bottom of the player.

To choose the next set of thumbnails (there are four sets of clips), click on the arrow next to the last thumbnail on the right. To go back a set, click the arrow to the left of the first thumbnail on the left.

You also can access all 28 clips through YouTube on this page.

The video tips and drills were produced by Kevin Hunt Video ( in Farmington, MN.


Check out these YouTube clips from the Chicago White Sox Training Academy and then go out and practice them! 

And remember, the more you practice the better you get.  The better you become, the more you will love the game.  The more you love the game the more likely you will meet your goals!

Underhand feed from Shortstop

Overhand Feed from Shortstop

Underhand Feed from Second