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LZBSA Pitch, Hit and Run Winners Announced!

04/28/2018, 10:45pm CDT
By Steve Hilton

Good Luck at the Sectional PHR!

Thanks to all who participated in today’s PITCH HIT AND RUN competition!  

Below are the winners in each age group for both the boys and the girls.  Any player who won or tied for the highest total in their age division for any of the three components of the competition (pitch, hit, or run) or the all-around total is eligible to move on to the Sectional competition in Antioch on May 20th.
BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OUR SECTIONAL QUALIFIERS!!  Let’s show them what LZBSA is all about!


Girls Softball


All-Around Champ: Maggie Morris 

Hit Champ:  Anabella Piper 

Pitch Champ:  Maggie Morris 

Run Champ:  Anabella Piper 



All-Around Champ:  Natalie Ferguson 

Hit Champ:  Natalie Ferguson 

Pitch Champ:  Natalie Ferguson 

Run Champ:  Natalie Ferguson 



All-Around Champ:  Bella Bosquez 

Hit Champ:  Bella Bosquez 

Pitch Champ:  Bella Bosquez  and  Zoe Hilton 

Run Champ:  Zoe Hilton 


Boys Baseball


All-Around Champ:  Tyler Thorstenson 

Hit Champ:  Tyler Thorstenson 

Pitch Champ:  Tyler Thorstenson 

Run Champ:  Benjamin Ferguson 



All-Around Champ:  Luke Moran 

Hit Champ:  Luke Moran 

Pitch Champ:  Tyler Reed  

Run Champ:  Ryan Groebe 



All-Around Champ:  Ryan Kondrad 

Hit Champ:  Lincoln Adams  

Pitch Champ:  Ryan Kondrad 

Run Champ:  Ryan Kondrad 



All-Around Champ:  Connor Miltz 

Hit Champ:  Jack Kondrad

Pitch Champ:  Connor Miltz 

Run Champ:  Jack Kondrad 

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