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Lightning Policy

05/08/2012, 5:13pm CDT
By LZBSA Board of Directors

With cooperation with the Village of Lake Zurich, LZBSA has installed a Thor-Guard Lightning Prediction System (“Thor-Guard System”) at many of our parks and fields.  This system provides lightning prediction capabilities at the following parks:  Staples Sports Complex, Lions Park, Braemar Park, Knox Park and Hunters Creek/Chestnut Corner. 


There also is a different lightning detection system at Heritage Oaks Park maintained by the Village of Hawthorn Woods.  We are in process of determining the operational capability of this system with the Village of HW and will update this notice with those specifics when available.


The purpose of this notice is to advise you that although play will be suspended in accordance with warnings generated by the Thor-Guard System, that the system should not be relied upon as the primary method for detecting the presence of lightning in the area.  Instead, our primary method for detecting and taking necessary precautions related to lightning will at all times remain the observations and common sense of our managers, coaches, umpires, parents and fans, and LZBSA’s previously established safety rules following observation of lightning remain in effect.  In other words, the Thor-Guard System is intended to supplement, rather than replace, LZBSA’s current rules regarding lighting safety. 


In order to familiarize you with the operation of the Thor-Guard operation, the system is designed to blast a horn for 15 seconds, and activate a strobe light, when the system predicts the possible presence of lightning.  Once the Thor-Guard System no longer senses conditions conducive to the presence of lightning, it blasts a horn three times (for five second each blast) and the strobe light turns off.  



LZBSA Lightning Policy


If lightning is detected either by visual detection OR the Thor-Guard system issuing a warning by sounding horn for 15 seconds, play is to be suspended with players leaving the field of play, taking shelter.


If play was stopped by the Thor-Guard warning horn, play can only resume when it issues the all-clear alarm (three 5 second blasts). 


If play was stopped due to visual lightning sighting, AND the Thor-Guard system did not issue an alert, play can resume when no lightning is sighted for 30 minutes.  If lightning is sighted again within 30 minutes, the clock starts over.  If lightning is sighted again, the game is called.


If after a visual sighting of lightning, then the Thor-Guard system issues a warning (one 15 second blast), play cannot resume until the Thor-Guard system issues the all clear.


policy updated 5/3/2012

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