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Lightning Travel Softball

Lightning Travel Softball

The Lightning Travel program provides a top quality softball experience for the girls in Lake Zurich and surrounding communities. Lightning Softball is part the Lake Zurich Baseball & Softball Association a non-profit organization run primarily by parent volunteers. 

We are passionate about developing competitive softball players. We are equally passionate about the development of our young athletes as whole persons. Success in softball, and in life after softball, is dependent on being balanced in body, mind and spirit.

We use pursuit of team & personal softball success to prepare our players for the challenges of life, both on and off the field.

Body – Softball is a physical came that takes instruction, training and repetition to master. A player’s progress toward mastery helps her learn about her physical self and the key role of physical fitness in the enjoyment life.

 Mind – Softball creates situations that place players under mental & emotional pressure. Developing the ability to positively channel emotions and maintain mental discipline on the field carries over into all aspects of life.

Spirit – The process of maturing includes a dawning awareness that one is not the center of the universe and that we are blessed to live in better circumstances than most people  in the world. A focus on team over self and whole team participation in community service projects helps our young athletes learn these truths.

10U Lightning 3rd Place Finish at Barrington Spring Classic Tournament

Congrats 10U Lightning - 3rd Place Barrington Spring Classic

Doug Homuth

Doug Homuth

Softball Travel President