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Grizzlies FAQ

Grizzlies Part-Time Travel Baseball Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grizzlies Baseball?

This is LZBSA’s Part-Time Travel Baseball Program. It’s an extension of our house baseball league, which provides players with a more competitive experience. The program was formed to provide LZBSA participants an alternative to full-time travel, with a focus on enhanced player development to help elevate their game within the baseball community.


What’s new with the Grizzlies program?

Based off participant survey feedback we’ve received over the past few years, we’ve made some adjustments to the program.  This season:

  • We’re focusing more on player development through on-field participation (additional practices!)
    • Practice days remain Fridays & Sundays
  • Providing more weekend time off for player rest during our House season (teams will practice about 5x monthly)
  • We’ll focus on Memorial Day & Post Season (July) tournament play vs. in-season, weekend games.


What’s Changed & Why?

  • Over the past few years Grizzlies teams were playing an inordinate number of games – some teams were playing up to 40 games (including House games) which felt more like a Full-Time travel baseball season.  Because of this, we have eliminated in-season games.
  • Feedback from the teams frequently was that they were not practicing enough.
  • Tryouts for the older ages were moved from February to April so players have an opportunity to play a little ball before evaluations.


In general, the program seemed to have gotten away from what the initial intent of Grizzlies baseball was; more on-field time for our players to work on developing their skills.  By the time our July tournaments came around (one of the most enjoyable parts of the season for most of the kids is playing in tournaments!) many of the players & families were burned out and did not want to participate.


What does a Grizzlies season look like under the new format?

  • With the adjustments in the program, the older teams will form at the end of April. Practice will start during May and continue through June.  Teams will practice roughly 5x monthly, which provides some weekend time off for players & families.
  • For the 9U level, tryouts will occur at house league evaluations in February. 9U team(s) will play a small number of N60 games in addition to extra practices keeping in mind the constraints on a reasonable amount of baseball.
  • Teams will play in 4 Tournaments: Memorial Day Weekend & 3 Post Season Tournaments (including our Bear Claw Tournament), the first 3 weekends in July.  The season will end on Sunday July 22nd.


When are Tryouts?

  • Tryouts for 9U Grizzlies will be in February.
  • Tryouts for the older age groups will be in late April.


What teams are being formed?

  • Assuming there are enough players and coaches at each level, we’re hoping to add:
    • 1 team @ 9U
    • 1 team @ 10U
    • 1 team@ 11/12U
    • 1 team @ 13/14U


Is there additional cost to participate in the program?

  • Yes.  The Grizzlies fee will include a uniform and participation in 4 Tournaments.  While final cost is still to be determined, based on 12 player teams, the fee is estimated to be $250-$280 range.


If you have other questions please contact Philip Coughlin,