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Grizzlies Part Time Travel Baseball


This program was created as an alternative to Full-Time Travel baseball yet more competitive than the LZBSA House League, for players in the U8, U9, U10, U12, and U14 age ranges and it has proven to be the key to successful early skill development. The goal of the Grizzlies Program is to help teach young players the fundamentals of fielding, hitting, and the overall game of baseball in an environment that is conducive to learning. The season begins in late January with indoor practices, outside practices typically begin in March/April and will overlap with the house league and typically finishes in late July. (Most tournaments take place in June and July). Tryouts take place in the Fall in September. 

Players chosen for the Grizzlies Program are placed in age and developmentally-appropriate pools and later assigned to a specific team. As a group, they receive training emphasizing technical skill development. To be considered for the Grizzlies Program, you must have first participated in the Lake Zurich Tyro, Minor, or Majors house league. For information on try-out dates, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Grizzlies President.  The number of teams at each age level may vary depending on the number of players who try out.

The Grizzlies also participate in the N60 or Northern Illinois All-Star League, which comprises teams from surrounding communities. A player can expect to play an additional 3-6 games within the N60 League. Depending on your child's age, the Grizzlies will also play in 1-4 tournaments in the surrounding area (no more than 50 miles). This provides a fun and competitive extension to the house lease season. All home games are played on Lake Zurich Baseball fields (Staples, Lions, etc.)

Description Number of Games Comments



Feb-April: 1x -2x per week

May-June: 1x-2x  per week during house league

June-Aug: up to 2x per week pending games 

House League Games 12 Not including the playoffs (~ 3 games) or Fall Ball (~ 8 games)
Non-Tournament Games 3-6 Against N60 or other area teams
Grizzlies inner squad games 3-5 Inner squad games designed for more instruction and stoppage to explain in game situations
Tournament Games 9-12 Will depend of age division.  Expect (3) Tournaments
TOTALS 27-35  


Grizzlies Partners with Tactic Sports Performance

The Grizzlies have created a partnership with Tactic Sports Performance of Lake Zurich to provide off season training for speed, agility and conditioning. 

Learn more about Tactic at

Grizzlies Pricing Breakdown

Team House League Cost Grizzlies Cost Indoor Cost Total Cost
U8 $290* $300** $275 $865
U9 $310* $325** $325 $960
U10 $310* $325** $325 $960
U11 $310* $325** $325 $960
U12 $310* $325** $325 $960
U14 $310* $325** $325 $960


*The house league fee includes the early bird discounted rate.

**The fee includes tournament  registration fees, travel league fees, umpire fees, uniforms and field maintenance. 

Indoor cost is only an estimate. Practices are at coach’s discretion and could differ from age group. This estimate is based on 1 practice per week starting in February and ending at the end of April.




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